Application Tracking System (ATS)

Application Tracking System (ATS) for Recruiters and Job seekers

Application tracking system (ATS) is used by our job search website which helps recruiters  and employers to manage and organize the job applications.                                     

Here’s how ATS works:

When a job seeker submits their application through our website, the ATS will scan the CV and cover letter for relevant keywords and phrases. These keywords and phrases are typically based on the job requirements and skills listed in the job posting.

The ATS will then score the applicant based on how well their CV and cover letter match the job requirements. The highest-scoring applicants will be flagged for further review by a recruiter or hiring manager.

This ATS can also be used to track the status of job applications and schedule interviews. Job seekers can use the ATS to monitor the progress of their application and receive updates on their status.

To increase their chances of being selected by the ATS, job seekers should carefully read the job posting and include relevant keywords and phrases in their resume and cover letter. They should also ensure that their CV is properly formatted and free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Overall, while ATS can be helpful in streamlining the job application process, it’s important for job seekers to understand how they work and tailor their applications accordingly.